The Twelve - Match 3D FREE! 应用的评论



Classic iPhone game. Get it.

No good



Liked this game, but can't play it any more because it's frozen. I even deleted and re-installed. Will have to delete.


How to disable the vibrate anytime you make a match????? Annoying! So I am deleting. Too bad.

Uh...mmm like it but costly

I like the apps...will buy the full version if the price goes down.

Only have the free trial

I'm glad not many have bought the full version. It is too pricey. I'll wait and get it if it ever drops to 1.99 even though I like the game quite alot. I usually like Mayan and Aztec themed stuff but 3.99 is too much. The game itself is a good match three game with a 3d spatial twist. Looking forward to getting the full version someday.

Mayan Monotony!!

I read the info about the origin of this app--a book named The Twelve... It's 3D Mayan look and cool sounds drew my attention. After playing some levels tho-I found that It's rather gimmicky as you flip it around and around and it explodes.. I enjoy puzzles and this app has it's charms-- I would probably buy it--but not for 3.99!! Xooniatrueblood

Awesome Game

I am loving this game. I have had no issue. U should try rebootn your phone as that has helped me with many other games.


This app, froze my phone 2 times, then made it go blank for 5 min. Unless there is a bug, dont download it.

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